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What is an Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney focuses on areas of the law which greatly impact the emotional and financial security of our elder population. 




For over 30 years Matt Darpel has successfully represented members of the elder population and their families throughout Northern Kentucky in the areas of:


Matt draws upon his extensive experience in each of these areas to provide his clients with comprehensive solutions that not only meet their needs, but will ensure that, through proper planning, they are able to preserve their hard-earned assets to pass on to their heirs and also ensure that their spouses are adequately provided-for.


Let Darpel Elder Law Services help navigate you and your family through the confusion! Our office is conveniently located in Northern Kentucky (near St. Elizabeth Hospital - Edgewood).   Click here for more information.


Feeling overwhelmed?


Let us know how we may be of further assistance to you and your family.  Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you!



Matthew L. Darpel

Attorney at Law &

Financial Advisor

507 Centre View Blvd.

Crestview Hills, KY  41017

(859) 341-4100

Fax:  (859) 341-7630

For over 30 years,

Matt has been providing counsel to seniors and

their families, focusing on:

-Elder Law

-Estate Planning

-Medicaid Planning

(including obtaining

Medicaid Benefits)

-Probate Administration

Matt has been named Leading Cincinnati area

"Elder Law Attorney"

by Cincy Business Magazine

every year since 2006













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