Laura R., Crittenden, KY Recommends Darpel Elder Law

"I met Matt when both of my parents were going downhill physically and mentally. My mom had been sick for years and my dad had just suffered a massive stroke.  Both of my parents were under age 70.  I have 3 siblings and we all agreed we needed guidance.  I don't know how we could have done it without him.  With his guidance and knowledge we were able to actually retain some of my parents assets that otherwise would have gone straight to the nursing home.  Matt's knowledge of the Medicaid system can only be described as PRICELESS!  Many people cringe when you tell them you had to hire an attorney and the first thing they ask is "is he expensive?"  Our experience with Matt left us with more than we would have had if we had not hired him.  I feel like he took so much stress out of the Medicaid nightmare and let us focus on being there for our parents.

I have referred many friends to Matt and have received many thanks from them.  I have actually referred to him as " my guardian angel"!!  He is easy to work with and his assistant, Lisa is always available for questions and has become a true friend."

– Laura R., Crittenden, KY