Cindy B., Edgewood, KY Recommends Darpel Elder Law

"We have been utilizing the services of Matt Darpel's office for both of my parents since 2012.  We are extremely pleased with Matt Darpel, Lisa Ball, Chad Seiter, and the rest of their team and we plan to continue to utilize Matt Darpel's office.  I would not have been able to get through the Medicaid process and the other difficult decisions without their excellent legal advice and assistance.

  If you have families who need additional legal help to get through the process or need assistance with estate planning, financial planning, LTC and Medicaid planning and probate administration, I highly recommend Matt Darpel and his team.  They have helped me and my parents and many of my friends and their parents when the decision to place a loved one in a LTC facility becomes real.  I recommend Matt Darpel's office often.  My lawyer friends have even utilized Matt and his team with their parents, as Matt specializes in Elder Care and is a wonderful patient advocate." 

– Cindy B., Edgewood, KY