"I met Mr. Darpel at a very difficult and stressful time.  My husband had just been placed in a nursing home. Wanting to take care of my husband and, at the same time, preserve as much of our finances as possible, Mr. Darpel guided me through the very difficult process of Medicaid.


In addition, I was dealing with the sudden death of my brother.  Mr. Darpel and his staff were caring, patient, and understanding of the stress I was going through and helped me at every step of the way. Without his guidance, help, and thorough knowledge of the Medicaid system, I would have been lost.  I cannot thank him and his staff enough for all they did to help me at a most difficult time in my life."


(Pat S., Alexandria, KY)

"Matt's services were recommended to me by a friend when I realized I would have to file for Medicaid for my Mom (who is in a Northern Kentucky nursing home). Having never done this, I reached out to Matt and hired him to handle my case.  Matt met with me several times and explained the entire process, handled all the paperwork, and handled all meetings with caseworkers to successfully get my Mom approved for Medicaid.


I truly could not have gotten through this event without his expertise and guidance.  He and his team continue to help me when anything arises involving Medicaid for my Mom.  I have been asked by two others for a lawyer recommendation regarding the Medicaid process and have given them Matt's name.  I truly trust him, his knowledge and expertise to handle these types of life-changing events for yourself or a loved one."


(Terry S., Cincinnati, OH)

"I have been working with Matt Darpel since 2010 on my parents’ Estate and Medicaid planning. His knowledge and guidance allowed the family to focus on the most important part of the process, which was taking care of my parents.  With his experience and unparalleled knowledge of Medicaid, Matt was able to maneuver through the obstacles to secure the Medicaid benefits.  His patience and expertise was truly demonstrated throughout the entire process.  The staff was extremely kind and attended to the family in a personal manner.


The stress placed upon families making the difficult placement decision, the burden of financial issues, and emotional support for the remaining parent and/or family members can be overwhelming, but the assurance and trust of Matt and his team allowed us to have peace and no regrets with our decisions.  Our family has been truly blessed working with this professional team!"


(Brenda P., Verona, KY)

"I met Matt when both of my parents were going downhill physically and mentally. My mom had been sick for years and my dad had just suffered a massive stroke.  Both of my parents were under age 70.  I have 3 siblings and we all agreed we needed guidance.  I don't know how we could have done it without him.  With his guidance and knowledge we were able to actually retain some of my parents assets that otherwise would have gone straight to the nursing home.  Matt's knowledge of the Medicaid system can only be described as PRICELESS!  Many people cringe when you tell them you had to hire an attorney and the first thing they ask is "is he expensive?"  Our experience with Matt left us with more than we would have had if we had not hired him.  I feel like he took so much stress out of the Medicaid nightmare and let us focus on being there for our parents.


I have referred many friends to Matt and have received many thanks from them.  I have actually referred to him as " my guardian angel"!!  He is easy to work with and his assistant, Lisa is always available for questions and has become a true friend."


(Laura R., Crittenden, KY)

Matthew L. Darpel

Attorney at Law &

Financial Advisor

507 Centre View Blvd.

Crestview Hills, KY  41017

(859) 341-4100

Fax:  (859) 341-7630

For over 30 years,

Matt has been providing counsel to seniors and

their families, focusing on:

-Elder Law

-Estate Planning

-Medicaid Planning

(including obtaining

Medicaid Benefits)

-Probate Administration

Matt has been named Leading Cincinnati area

"Elder Law Attorney"

by Cincy Business Magazine

every year since 2006













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